What is the Go-West Foundation?

The Go-West Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization and by definition is apolitical and not for profit. This can be considered as the Go West Foundation’s charter, it’ll be leading through the process of the formation and operation.


Mission Statement

  1. The Foundation aims to provide assistance to the class of exemplary Vietnamese young people who by their own merit could obtain partial scholarship from universities or higher learning institutions in highly advanced Western industrialized countries.
  2. The Foundation also aims, as a secondary and long term goal, to provide social assistance with respect to education and health care, for the betterment of society.


  1. To facilitate the process of getting young people of exceptional talent to study abroad by actively promote Go-West Foundation, raising awareness as to the benefits and urgency to pool together the resources and financial support from Vietnamese communities everywhere in the world.
  2. To see that the Fund grows in its dispensation of scholarship concomitant with the growth of community support through fund-raising activities.
  3. To support and assist students in the process of adaptation into Western society and culture by facilitating social bonds with various community groups or volunteering families where the students pursue their study.

The Millennium Project

The Fund’s Millennium Project shall be divided into three stages

Firstly, the Fund shall focus on providing financial support to students who have obtained at least a partial scholarship;

Secondly, the Fund shall coordinate and facilitate the adaptation to Western culture so as to benefit students socially and culturally;

Finally, and as a long term goal, when circumstances permit and under certain conditions, the Fund shall extend its scope of activities into areas of education and health services. Specifically, the Fund wish to build a system of universities and hospitals in order to attract Vietnamese intellectuals and health specialists from all over the world to come back home and to teach low SES (socio economic status) students, and to care for low SES patients, along with other volunteers. This is to complete the circle: we shall be able to help even greater number of students, as well as giving back to the community where it is needed most.

Let us be united and work together for the good of all. The work of the Go-West Foundation is not to last a hundred year, but a thousand year, for Our Fatherland and Our People.


The Go West Foundation is a registered non-profit corporation under the regulations of the State of Michigan, USA.

The Go West Foundation has received its EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax reporting purpose, and is in the process of applying for the 501c3 non-profit status. The 501c3 status would allow donors residing in the U.S. to qualify for tax deduction the amount donors contributed to the Foundation. While the 501c3 application is pending, all Go West Foundation’s fundraising activities would continue, and donors residing in the U.S. should refrain from applying for tax deduction of their contributions, until the non-profit status for Go West Foundation is formally recognized by the IRS.
The process of applying and receiving official recognition as a 501c3 non-profit organization can take up to 12 months or more to complete. Once we have received such recognition from the U.S. government, the Go West Foundation will make formal announcement to inform all donors.

Unless donors specify that their names be kept private, the Go West Foundation will make public information regarding contributions from all donors including donor names.



Representative of GWF


Ho Hai, MD.