Logo Go West Foundation

Dear sponsors, current and former members, valued supporters,

Go West Foundation was established two years ago with the mission to seek scholarships for young talented students from Vietnam. Within a few weeks since this idea was rekindled, volunteer members have completed the paperwork, logo, website, email. Within three months we received 70% of the total amount of sponsorship over the course two years. It’s a proof that a good purpose still finds a place in the hearts of people everywhere in Vietnam or abroad. As one of the founders of the fund, I would like to acknowledge the support and express my appreciation for all the contributions received.
After 6 months of operation Go West Foundation was recognized as non-profit organizations by the IRS. The foundation may receive tax deductible grants and provide receipts to donors in the United States for tax deduction purpose. Our by-laws prohibit any for-profit activity related to business, joint venture or investment, regardless whether the profit can be “donated” back to the foundation. The for-profit business and donation of profits to charity are two completely different aspects in the United States. I think this has not been clearly explained at the outset with the former members and collaborators in Vietnam and led to operation that contradicted the principles of the foundation. The Board of Directors accepted responsibility and had made personnel change accordingly. We do not accept profiting from a good cause for personal interests.

As an organization with legal status in Michigan, United States, Go West Foundation must comply with tax laws in the United States and Michigan state laws. We have mandatory expenses for legal, accounting and annual tax preparation. We must have operational expenses for marketing, printing, postage, press conference. A lot of activities have been sponsored by foundation members in the United States and Vietnam for which we express sincere appreciation. Go West Foundation would not be able to operate without all your help. Our annual financial statements were audited and accepted by the IRS. In the first two years of operation the scholarship to expense ratio was lower than our target. The goal is to achieve a ratio at 75% within 3 years and 90% within 5 years.

Vietnam needs total and complete education transformation to revive the foundation of a human, open and free society. Go West Foundation was founded with a single  purpose to open the door to the young generations of Vietnam. We invite you to give a hand.

Thomas Cong