faqQuestion 1:

My child is currently a student in 11th grade, I’d like to ask how can my child write their application form to opt for a Go West Foundation sponsorship?

Answer: The Go West Foundation is established for people who apply for scholarships, not those who help them get one. In addition, the Go West Foundation’s Constitution has hoped to be able to sponsor dynamic candidates who have independent ways of thinking. If your child has the qualities mentioned above, then they would have tried to find information about the Go West Foundation’s conditions of application. Sadly, because of the reasons above, we cannot answer this question for the parents or supervisors of the applicant. Thank you very much for this interesting question.

Question 2:

I’d like to ask, does the Go West Foundation have priorities over other applicants?

Answer: The Go West Foundation has ensured that right from the policies of operation, there has been a criterion determining its equality, therefore there is nothing such as prioritizing applicants over one another whatsoever. The Go West Foundation aims to choose talented and righteous people for the country, and this choosing is not affected by political parties, nor does it depend on any personal likings. Thank you for asking.

Question 3:

What are the most important basic elements that the Go West Foundation focus on during the course of judging on receiving sponsorship?

Answer: The most important four elements that the Go West Foundation focus on while judging the candidates are:
1. The candidate must submit their application form to the Go West Foundation simultaneously with their desired Western university/universities, in order to let the Foundation examine it the same time as the universities do, to get to know the candidate. After they have successfully acquired their scholarship, the Go West Foundation will proceed to examine the condition of their family, to see whether it is true or not, and the following standards:
2. The candidate’s talent.
3. Their independent mind and their dynamic spirit.
4. Their personality and combined skill & spirit.
Thank you for asking a great question. Good luck!

Question 4:

When should you submit your application form for a Go West Foundation sponsorship?

Answer: Candidates submit their application form to the Go West Foundation simultaneously with their desired Western university/universities, because the Go West Foundation doesn’t only provide sponsorships, it can also help the candidate with their application, making it as perfect as possible. After that, if the candidate succeeds in receiving a one-part scholarship from any Western country, by then, the Go West Foundation Board will have grasped the candidate’s family’s financial conditions, as well as the candidate’s talent, energetic spirit and independent mind. We will then organize an interview before presenting them with the sponsorship.

Question 5:

I have graduated from university, now I am going to make an application asking for a scholarship after university. If I am unable to receive a one-part scholarship, will I get Go West Foundation’s sponsorship?

Answer: In the policies of operation of the Go West Foundation, it mentioned that scholarships will not be given to high school or after university students. In this case, normally, learning after university means being hired as employees of professors, who then provide the worker with money for studying and wages to live by, therefore defining the meaning of after university scholarships. If you have to actually pay for these after university “scholarships” then it’s not really a scholarship at all. On the other hand, high school scholarships are very rare, only exist for the gifted and are only seen in the Union World College System and other famous.