Studying abroad is the key to let our next generation of children develop logical thinking, broaden their knowledge and explore what their abilities are capable of. It is what this Vietnamese idiom reveals:

Travelling forms a young man. Travelling widens one’s horizon.

Studying abroad does not have to concentrate on learning just one subject, it is also a chance for us to communicate and learn another culture in order to become part of our increasingly widening community.

Our hopes of a better future become higher when we see our children come home after their course of studying abroad because we know there is more to come. Shortly after their brief break, they will rise to be the leaders of our country, thereby helping it get stronger and more well educated, following the ways of thinking independently, respecting diversity and being able to connect to the Western culture.

By continuing our belief of improving our people’s spirits and taking care of our people’s lives (encouraged by Sir Phan Châu Trinh) and the spirit of our Go West campaign (encouraged by Sir Phan Bội Châu), we have established our Go West Foundation in order to attend to our mission of nurturing young talents. They will become rulers of our land in this new age, ready to seize the opportunity of development.


The role of our Go West Foundation

1. Go West Foundation is a non-governmental organization of good will (NGO), apolitical and non-profitable. Our foundation will help create more opportunities for the young talented Vietnamese from all social classes, those that have small inconveniences or are unable to afford full scholarships; to have access to and recieve full overseas scholarships. These scholarships will all be from Western countries, including North America and the United Kingdom.

2. Go West Foundation puts our hopes on noble acts of individuals, business groups, charities and volunteering groups, along with apolitical committees throughout the globe who spontaneously contribute financial help in order to support our Foundation, enabling us to complete our important role as said above.


Go West Foundation’s goals

Go West Foundation will meet our targets as follows:

1. Publicise the foundation to everyone to raise funds from all Vietnamese communities both in Vietnam and overseas.

2. Find a transparent financial source to increase the possibilities of sponsoring scholarships, in order to help as many young talents as possible.

3. Act as a helping hand for students to feel at home when they are studying abroad far from their relatives.

4. Accomplish the long-term goal concerning three major problems for overseas students: interacting with Western culture, liberated education, and humanity medical care.


Limitations and responsibilities of the Go West Foundation

1. The Foundation has no other responsibilities other than sponsoring scholarships for the talented Vietnamese, chosen by the Foundation, and if the limited human resources are capable of helping, the Foundation will let them help students learning overseas get on well with their new surroundings.

2. The Foundation’s Board of Members overseas headquarters is responsible for financing and the approval sponsoring the scholarship portion of the candidate receiving Go West Foundation’s sponsorship.

3. The Go West Foundation’s working, directing and management expenses will be fixed as 10% derived from the Foundation’s account.

4. The Foundation’s Board of Members in Vietnam is responsible only for encouraging Vietnamese students to study, and selecting the country’s young talents to provide them with the Foundation’s sponsorship.

5. Students’ application document will be examined by the Go West Foundation Board of Management for acceptance. When accepted, the Foundation will accompany the student from the early stages of application until the student recieves their scholarship from universities in the Western countries.

6. The Foundation has no responsibility whatsoever if the student causes fatality or loss to a 3rd person during the period in which that student receives funding.

7. After the funding period ends, the Foundation has no responsibility whatsoever concerning the student, their relatives or anyone involved.

8. The Foundation only sponsors students at university level; other secondary levels and after university are not eligible.


Requirements needed to recieve sponsorship from the Go West Foundation

Vietnam’s talented youth can apply for sponsorship from the Foundation if they meet all the requirements listed below (Candidates)

1. The candidate’s family cannot afford to pay the leftover portion of their scholarship.

2. The candidate must have a strategic mindset, thinks independently and is also an individualistic person who is always ready to accept new thinking concepts apart from what is learnt in the Vietnamese high school level (Please note that all the evaluations will be considered by the Board of Management in Vietnam during the candidate’s interview).

3. Candidates must submit thier acceptance letter from their Universities that provides a BA course for 4 years which must be accredited by the College Board and/or Princeton Review; all acceptances from online universities or from non-accredited universities will not be eligible for local side of the Foundation.

4. No age limit to any candidate that has obtained at least 50% of their full studying fees.

5.Each approved candidate must sign a predefined standard contract with the Foundation before getting any sponsorship from the Foundation.


The responsibilities of students studying abroad from Go West Foundation’s sponsorship

1. Go-West students studying abroad will have to follow the law in the country in which they study in during the whole time of studying and living using the Foundation’s sponsorship.

2. Go-West students must be truthful, must not commit perjury about their personal history, school and their financial state.

3. Go-West students must attend the courses that they have chosen full-time and must keep their GPA score at at least 3.2/4 so that they can be eligible for their following year’s sponsorship.

4. Go-West students are allowed to work after school hours but they must be limited to legal working hours and their workplace must lie in the boundaries of the countries they are studying in, unless restricted for other purposes.

5. Go-West students must not join any political groups, illegal organizations, or have any actions that prevent citizen communities and parties in the countries during the sponsoring period of the Go-West Foundation; except studying, raising funds for Go-West Foundation and giving speeches to new generation of Go-West candidates about encouraging their studies.

6. Go-West students must not use their sponsorship to pay anything apart from their study fee and daily living expenses.

7. The eligible sponsoring period is 4 years per university course. If there is an extended 1 year requirement, Go-West students must inform the Go-West Foundation Management team 1 year in advance (meaning the end of year 3) so the Foundation can process approval and judge the capability of funding for the 5th year.

8. Go-West Foundation requires Go-West students to join and give financial support or do fund raising for the Foundation within their committed capability before getting sponsored by the Go West Foundation.

Translated by Le Linh Dan, Pham