Wauna Federal Credit Union Drives Youth Participation and Engagement through National Savings Campaign

Visualization uses the power of imagination to achieve goals and objectives. Young credit union members are encouraged to use visualization to picture their financial futures in this year’s National Credit Union Youth Month celebration that features the theme: “The Future is Yours … Picture it! Save for it! Share it!”

The Youth Month theme encourages young credit union members to look forward to their futures, picture their goals, and gain inspiration to save money at their credit union throughout April, with the goal of one day enjoying their dreams.

“It’s been proven that when we acknowledge and record our goals for the future, they’re more likely to come true,” said CUNA Marketing Projects Manager Michelle Kamke. “By encouraging the youngest members to get into this habit, we’re fostering their ability to save for the future of their dreams.”

The campaign spreads the credit union philosophy in a new and engaging way, launching young members on the path to financial education, understanding, and security.

At Oregon’s Wauna Federal Credit Union, this year’s celebration will harness new memberships and deposits through a Save-to-Win contest. Wauna Communications Specialist Michael Murdoch described how the program attracts savers.

“New members will have their share fees waived and will receive an entry to win cash prizes for every deposit,” said Murdoch. “Existing members will also be entered to win cash prizes based on savings and certificate deposits.”

In total, the credit union will award over $1,000 in cash prizes with one winner named at each of Wauna’s eight branches.

A rocket ship photo booth will be installed at each branch where members and potential members can snap photos with their smartphones and share on social media for additional prizes. The credit union will also spotlight student budget and credit courses, scholarships, and Financial Reality Fairs throughout the month. Wauna received a grant through the Northwest Credit Union Foundation for the Bite of Reality App – which enabled the credit union to administer an app-based Financial Reality Fair.

For more information about National Credit Union Youth Month, visit the campaign website. Promotional materials and merchandise are also available, and includes a customized video, a design bundle, and co-brandable giveaways and apparel.  

Participating credit unions are encouraged to use the Twitter hashtag #CUYouthMonth, to show how they are making a difference in young members’ lives.

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