The CDFI Fund makes capital grants, equity investments, and awards to fund technical assistance and organizational capacity-building. Typically, CDFIs apply for limited funds through a competitive process that requires the financial institution, in most cases, to provide at least a 1:1 match of non-federal funds to receive financial assistance.

The Fund also invests in CDFIs and distressed communities through its Bank Enterprise Award Program and The New Markets Tax Credits Program. CDFIs use the money awarded through CDFI Fund programs to leverage private-sector resources into distressed communities in different ways, including by offering tax credits for qualified community development investments.

The CDFI designation limits who can apply for CDFI Fund resources, ensuring the program benefits those who need it most and holding institutions accountable to their missions of making a difference in their communities.

Please get in touch with the Foundation Strategic Initiatives Manager, Nayab Abbasi, for questions about exploring CDFI Certification and CDFI Grants.