Our region has diverse landscapes, ranging from urban metropolises to the rural countryside. The challenges facing urban and rural communities differ greatly, resulting in a range of needs and approaches to financial healthRural communities are rich with opportunities for innovative collaboration and out of the box solutions. When faced with change, they are resilient, finding unique solutions to challenges and utilizing nontraditional resources. With the exodus of bank branches, the rural landscape is a prime environment for credit unions to pilot new products and services to better serve these communities and help them thrive. 

Through the Rural Access to Financial Services Initiative, GoWest Foundation is looking to support the amazing work credit unions are already doing in their rural communities and will serve as a hub for incubating innovative ideas that improve access to financial services options in rural areasWe will partner with credit unions, providing funding and resources, to pilot new solutions to rural challenges and increase financial well-being across all of our communities. GoWest Foundation will continue to connect with other philanthropic organizations and funders interested in supporting the efforts of credit unions in the region 

Implementation and planning grant applications are currently being accepted. If your credit union is interested in getting involved and applying for a grant for your rural-based project, please apply or submit your interest below.