NWCUF Partners with Credit Unions to Further Community Impact

Northwest credit unions demonstrate time and again the vital role they play in ensuring peoples’ financial health. Credit unions were a lifeline to individuals and communities throughout 2020, and the Northwest Credit Union Foundation is proud to have partnered with credit unions across the region to further their community impact.

With the support of NWCUF, credit unions disbursed nearly $585,000 in 0% interest emergency loans to low-wage and ITIN borrowers, were awarded grant dollars for workforce housing initiatives and pilot opportunities, and received access to financial education content adapted for virtual learning environments.

NWCUF’s work throughout 2020 was made possible through the support and partnership of Northwest credit unions, truly demonstrating the power of credit unions’ commitment to community impact.

There’s Still Time to Apply for NWCUF Grants and Scholarships this Year

Grant funds remain available to support community impact work aligned with the Foundation’s economic empowerment, asset building, or cooperative development pillars. Credit unions interested in applying for 2020 grant funds should contact Claire Hendrix, NWCUF Program Director, or submit an application online. To be considered for a grant in 2020, credit unions are encouraged to submit grant applications by no later than Dec. 18.

Scholarships also are available for professional development and on-demand CU Learning TRAXX content. Scholarship funds awarded in 2020 may be used for 2021 events. For more information or to apply, visit the Foundation’s website.

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