With Wildfire Season Upon Us, NWCUF is Here to Help

With unseasonably high temperatures and dry conditions across the Northwest, we’re already seeing wildfires across the region. Oregon’s Bootleg Fire is the largest in the nation, having already burned more than 360,000 acres. As if that weren’t enough, an estimated 90% of the area is experiencing drought conditions.

Hopefully, your community will be spared from wildfires. But if credit union employees or board members are displaced due to a wildfire this summer, they can quickly turn to the Northwest Credit Union Foundation for financial assistance.

The NWCUF’s Disaster Relief Fund provides up to $1,500 per individual. Requests for funds can come from your leadership team, or directly from those impacted. Disaster relief assistance is also available for credit unions in the event their branches or operations are impacted.

The process is streamlined this year.

“In past disasters, NWCUF has rapidly activated the Disaster Relief Fund,” said Sharee Adkins, Executive Director. “This year, to expedite getting emergency funding to those impacted, access to the fund is open now.”

The application form can be accessed here.

Crises such as wildfires can displace people from their homes, meaning they face unexpected hotel, gas, food, and replacement costs for damaged household goods. NWCUF is ready to help.

“When we consider the past year alone, how credit unions stepped up during the pandemic, wildfires, and historic ice storms, we are reminded how the Movement rallies to support our communities in times of need,” Adkins said. “NWCUF’s goal is to get help to credit unions, employees, and board members as quickly as possible if they are experiencing difficult times.”

For questions about the Disaster Relief Fund, please contact Sharee Adkins.

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