A Solution for Credit Unions and Employees Impacted by Recent Flooding

Just as the Northwest welcomed 2022, an unwelcome wave of severe weather caused snow slides and flooding across a large swath of Washington state. Several credit unions in the region closed branches temporarily, to help keep their members and employees safe. Some employees reported late last week that their homes had been damaged by floodwaters.

The Northwest Credit Union Association and Foundation team has been monitoring the flooding occurring across the region. Should employees or credit unions need financial assistance as a result of the flooding, the Northwest Credit Union Foundation is here to help.

“As credit union employees and directors are potentially being displaced from their homes due to flooding, we know this could mean unexpected hotel, fuel, and food costs,” said Sharee Adkins, NWCUF Executive Director. “Weather events can cause economic hardship to people in our credit union community. If your credit union employees are being impacted, please let us know.”

The NWCUF can quickly provide financial assistance to cover flood-related costs incurred by your employees and directors.  Disaster relief assistance of up to $1,500 per individual is available, and credit union employees can access the financial relief application here.  If employees need assistance but are not able to complete the form, or if there are many employees impacted, credit union leadership can coordinate with NWCUF on their behalf.

“In times like these, we are reminded of the impact this Credit Union Movement can have when we rally to support our communities in times of need,” said Maija Noll, NWCUF’s Manager of Community Impact. “We appreciate credit unions for all that they do day in and day out to help their members. They should not hesitate to reach out to NWCUF if they need help.”

In addition to disaster relief for individual credit union employees, NWCUF has funding available for credit unions that are impacted by disasters. The application can be found here.

Since 2020, NWCUF has provided $143,000 in financial aid to credit unions and employees impacted by disasters. When historic ice storms caused extensive hardship across Oregon in 2021, Maps Credit Union worked with the Foundation to get help for its employees who needed assistance.

“When the ice storm hit last February, many Maps Credit Union employees were impacted by the extended power outages, surviving for days without heat or running water, and having their food go bad,” said Mark Zook, President and CEO.  “NWCUF’s Disaster Relief Fund quickly gave support to 26 members of our team, allowing them to restock food supplies and minimize financial stress. The Fund is a great example of how our Northwest credit union community steps up to help each other in times of need.”

It is the generosity of the Northwest Credit Union Movement that helps make the Foundation’s disaster relief support possible. If you’re not impacted by the current severe weather and want to help, you can donate online.

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