GoWest Foundation Program Introduces Financial ‘Reality’ to Students

Financial education is one of the most effective ways credit unions support their youngest members — a healthy relationship with money early on can change the trajectory of someone’s life.

Financial Reality Fair Throws Students into the ‘Real World’

“I’m married with a one-year-old baby and I just spent way too much money on diapers and childcare!” said a […]

Gesa CU Gives the Tools for Financial Literacy

Becoming financially savvy is growing in popularity in our modern society, but for many, there’s still a shroud of mystery and confusion on how to make the most of their money.

Reality Fair

High School Students in Idaho and Oregon Get a Taste of ‘Adulting’ with Finances

There’s no better time to teach young people the importance of healthy money management habits than during Financial Literacy Month and Credit Union Youth Month.

400 High School Freshmen Get a ‘Bite of Reality’ at Fair Co-Hosted by Washington CU’s

More than 400 high school freshmen in Shelton, Washington, learned the financial ins-and-outs during a “day in the life” of […]

Want to Bring Bite of Reality to Students Remotely?

Bite of Reality, a popular app used during Financial Reality Fairs to help young adults learn real-world budgeting skills, has […]

Bite of Reality Goes Remote

The popular Bite of Reality app, used to educate students and young adults in real-world budgeting skills, has gone virtual […]

Thousands of High Schoolers Across the Region Learn Real-World Budgeting Skills

When young adults venture out on their own, whether they’re headed to college or work, it’s critical that they understand […]

Northwest Credit Unions Educate 3,500 Students Through Financial Reality Fairs

Grants from the Northwest Credit Union Foundation facilitated Bite of Reality Fairs in 21 schools. Is your credit union ready for next school year?

Financial Reality Fairs

High School Students Hone Their Budgeting Skills Through Financial Reality Fairs

More than 1,000 students gain real-world budgeting skills thanks to Financial Reality Fairs hosted by local credit unions.