Bite of Reality Goes Remote

The popular Bite of Reality app, used to educate students and young adults in real-world budgeting skills, has gone virtual with the newly launched Bite of Reality Remote.

During the 2018-2019 school year, 3,500 students in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington honed their financial skills at in-person Financial Reality Fairs using the Bite of Reality app. The Northwest Credit Union Foundation granted kits to credit unions across the region, making 40 fairs possible in 21 schools. Now, NWCUF is switching gears, working to meet credit unions’ online financial education needs with Bite of Reality Remote, as students continue their studies virtually due to COVID-19.

“Young people may be home, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops,” said Sharee Adkins, Foundation Executive Director. “This is a fantastic opportunity for students to spend their time honing personal budgeting skills, which will stick with them for life. The Foundation is pleased to help Northwest credit unions offer Bite of Reality Remote.”

The Richard Myles Johnson Foundation – the state foundation for credit unions in California and Nevada, announced the Bite of Reality Remote this week. The app is free of charge until the Dec. 31, 2020.The Northwest Credit Union Foundation partners with the RMJ Foundation to deliver the app to credit unions across the region.

The app walks young people through the day-to-day challenges of managing a household budget by providing them with a hypothetical salary. Throughout the exercise, they discover the pitfalls of unnecessary spending and learn the difference between wants and needs.

With Bite of Reality Remote, credit unions won’t need a venue, kit, or volunteers. The virtual program runs in a linear format, so all participants go through the exercise together, at the same time, allowing for the facilitator to host the activity with a group via video call. Students can download the BOR2 app to their phones or tablets. A group of 20 to 30 participants per session is recommended.

Northwest credit unions that want to host a Bite of Reality Remote event should reach out for more information and materials at least two weeks prior to the anticipated event date by contacting NWCUF Development & Program Coordinator, Maija Noll.

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